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Imperial Grand Champion

Felonie “The FullMontyUK Top Male 2011/12

The youngest Birman in the UK to receive this award to date

We are delighted with our home bred seal tabby Birman, Monty has fulfilled all his early promise.

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No male kittens resulting from any mating may be registered on the Active Register within the UK  and must be sold registered on the Non Active Register. You will be asked to sign an agreement to this effect prior to your cat being mated.  If you are lucky enough to produce an exceptional male kitten and it is of the standard we aspire to achieve,  I may be willing to consider reviewing this condition.   Should you wish to guarantee to have a male kitten for breeding from your litter there are many other lovely boys available for you to choose from.
For breeders in Europe please see European Stud Services
Kittens from Monty’s first litter

Grand Champion Sucette Midsummerknite

K2 is now neutered having sired many beautiful kittens – his fantastic eye colour and pink tones to his colour points have made a worthwhile contribution to this lovely breed.  He is now enjoying retirement.

Click Here to view Midsummerknite’s pedigree

Felonie “The Full Monty”

We hope that Monty will take part in our breeding programme in 2011.  He is 8 weeks of age in this picture and 17 weeks in the picture below.

Felonie "The Full Monty" age 17 weeks

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