Kittens For Sale

Breeding cats are only sold to people who  have shown a cat consistently for at least 12 months, this isto encourage knowledge and experience of the Standard of Points for this breed. This step is necessary to discourage back street breeders who are not interested in breeding for the benefit and enhancement of this beautiful breed of cat. It is a requirement of all new owners to apply for membership of the Birman Cat Club and a signed proposal for membership is included in every kitten pack on purchase. The Birman Cat Club is the largest breed club in Europe club is an invaluable source of support and advice for all Birman owners.

We have only a few kittens each year with each queen having only one litter unless the circumstances are exceptional, every litter is delivered in our home and Mothers mix only with their own kittens, this enables me to know exactly how each kitten is developing.
This also ensures that our cats and kittens are healthy and of the highest quality. No expense is spared with feeding or veterinary treatment if required.
The best advice I can give you if you are looking for a kitten, is to go and visit breeders, look at more than one litter in order to have a comparison. It is not advisable to visit two breeders on the same day as you may carry infection from one house to another. Ask if the breeder is a member of The Birman Cat Club.
If you are not entirely happy about what the breeder has to offer or the cats do not look fit and healthy, walk away. If you do find a breeder you are happy with, wait for a kitten or ask for a recommendation. Expect to pay £500 for a pet. £600 – £800 for a breeding cat with show potential. If you are offered a breeding cat for less beware, the chances are the breeder does not have sufficient experience. We can all sell pet quality kittens for breeding but only the best quality cats should become part of a breeding programme to maintain or improve the standard of the breed.  Breeding kittens are sold to Europe but we do not enter into complicated contracts with breeders. The costs above are a general guide only and apply’s to kittens sold within the UK.  If you are not in UK, the price will be available on application.
I hope you will find this advice helpful, please feel free to contact me.
All our kittens are strong and healthy and reared in the best possible way to ensure they have the best start in life, they are born in our home and benefit from lots of TLC and a careful feeding regime, we ensure they are well socialised and clean when they go to their new homes, more photographs can be sent on request.
All enquiries for our kittens for sale, please telephone or email
All kittens are vaccinated and insured and come with Pedigree, Vaccination and Veterinary Check, Diet sheet, Food Samples and Large Information Pack, the kittens are sold as pets only with a neutering contract. Should you wish to buy a cat for breeding please telephone to discuss availability.
We do export kittens if the circumstances are acceptable and the arrangements for delivery satisfy our high standards.
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