UK Stud Services

We are able to offer  Imperial Grand Champion Felonie The Full Monty stud services for a very limited period as he will be neutered during 2014.

Monty is fully vaccinated and is blood group A.

Stud Fees available on application

Following an informative talk given by Professor Tim Gruffydd-Jones at the at Birman Cat Club seminar in September 2012 on the subject of Feline Infectious Peritonitis we are taking precautions to protect our breeding program.

Only Queens kept in the  recommended fashion will be accepted for stud services in order to reduce incidence of this disease.  We have been working with these recommendations ourselves for 19 years and wish to promote this good practice.  The best way to do this, is to ensure that the kittens produced come from an environment where both parents are reared in this way.  Information on the latest research is available from the Feline Advisory Bureau and Langford Veterinary School, Bristol University.

All visiting females must also be fully vaccinated (inclusive of Leukemia) and have been wormed and treated for fleas 28 days prior to acceptance.  No females will be mated if they show any signs of flea dirt.  They must also be in a healthy condition and show no signs of eye discharge.

Girls are mated over a maximum of three days and arrangements will be made for collection before you leave her with us.  Females have their own full size queens quarters and also use the  queens quarters within the Stud house and run during the mating period.

All runs are fully lined and thermostatically heated.  At no time do we allow the queen to come into contact with any litter tray except her own.  She is also fed separately.  There is an inter joining door between the stud run and the queens run to ensure she is in safe hands.

You will be asked in advance to send your cats pedigree for approval.  You will also be sent a contract detailing the terms and conditions of use of our stud services.  You will need to read this document carefully before you sign it and send it back to me as its terms and conditions are legally binding.  On the day of arrival, you will need to bring a copy of your pedigree, your vaccination certificate and your registration slip detailing that your cat is on the active register.  You may wish to bring an old piece of bedding with you but I request you do not bring toys or anything that you would like returned as it is likely that they may have been targeted by Monty!

If you cat is a fussy eater and only eats one brand of food, feel free to send her with her own cool bag, otherwise we will provide a high quality diet

Monty’s first litter