European Stud Services

Monty is now available to selected Queens prior to being neutered.   Please read below and contact me if you are interested in using him.  He will not be available after the Summer of 2014

Imperial Grand Champion  Felonie The Full Monty

Monty is available for stud services .  There are conditions in place to protect your cat and any offspring.  details of these can be found below.

All Queens accepted must be fully vaccinated and in good condition.  They must be treated for worms and flea’s 30 days prior to entry into the UK.  You will need a pet passport including  a rabies vaccination .  You will also need to bring with you your registration and membership papers for your registration body and a full pedigree certificate.  Please email me and ask for a copy of my pre-mating agreement.

For the best results, you will need to leave your cat with me until she has been mated, this can take from a few days to several weeks.  Approximately 3 weeks after mating she will have an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy and will be ready to return home.

We have clean heated comfortable accommodation, the cat will have its own chalet for the duration of its stay.  It will spend up to three days in the Queens quarters but will return to its own chalet after it has finished mating.  Your diet specification can be followed.

The cost of mating will be 700 euro’s and board will be charged at 25 euros a week.  The cost of the ultrasound is additional at 60 euro’s.

The Contract of mating will be a legal binding document, you will be sent a copy in advance of booking your trip.  If you wish to sell kittens on the active register from this mating (for breeding) please contact me for the revised mating fee.

You may wish to deliver your cat and inspect the cattery and make alternative arrangements for her return.  This will give you the opportunity to see Monty for yourself.